When you receive essay writing from your college or university, you need to decide how much time it is going to take to complete it. Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula to calculate the time of a fixed word count. However, various factors depend on your writing speed and how much you can write in a period of time. Many people hire professional essay editing services from the internet to do their work. 

Factors Determining How Long It Takes To Write An Essay

Several factors decide your pace of writing. If you have a deadline for your assignment, you should complete it as soon as possible to avoid late submission. Let's discuss a few important factors that determine your writing speed.

  • Topic

If the assignment allows you to choose a topic, it's wise not to choose a hard topic. Choosing a hard topic will directly influence your duration of assignment completion. An easy topic that many people on the internet already write about will quickly help you get the right information. 

  • Experience

If you're a student and have experience writing essays before, you have the upper advantage of finishing the essay before your colleague. If you've been writing for a while, it's a good sign that you've been developing your talents over time.

When working on an essay paper, the difference between someone with ten years of experience and someone with one to two months of experience will be obvious. The person with greater experience is more likely to complete the essay sooner than the others.

  • Pressure

If you are working under the pressure of the essay deadline, remember it will affect your productivity. You should have peace of mind to do proper research and write in an engaging way to keep your essay interesting. The difficulty could be that you're juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. You may have a lot of assignments with tight deadlines, which puts you under a lot of stress. You can meet deadlines if you work quickly, but quality suffers.

How Long Does It Take To Write My Essay

Writing an essay can be quite easy when you are interested in the topic and understand it well. It would be best to decide on the word count even before starting to write. It will help you to structure the entire essay. The time to write an essay depends upon its paragraphs or word count. Usually, the essay contains five paragraphs, and if you have experience in essay writing, then you write it in 3-4 hours. But if the essay topic is hard and complex to write, then it may take around 5 hours to finish it. Therefore, it takes between 3-5 hours to write five paragraphs or 2-page essays. It would be best to keep the following things in mind while writing an essay.

  1. Focus

To write an informative and engaging essay, you need to give your 100% focus on the work. It would be best to write in a quiet environment by sitting alone and avoiding distraction. You can go to your room and close your windows and doors so that outside noise won't disturb you. 

  1. Do Research

If you complete your essay in one hour, the chances of it suffering are high. Some people like to complete it in four to five hours in order to gather useful information for the essay. It might be better to earn bad grades than no grades. You should be able to conduct quick research using at least three credible sources.

  1. Useful Instructions

Many professors will have different requirements that must be met in order for you to complete the assignments. When undertaking research and writing, make sure you keep to those requirements. It's fantastic that you can manage your time once you've mastered the guidelines. Don't presume the professor granted you more or less time to complete the essay.

The greatest strategy is to get started early and finish at a decided time. This offers you more time to proofread and properly eliminate any inconsistencies.

  1. Do Brief Research

It's a good idea to research the topic you're writing on the internet to get an idea of how other writers have written about it and add which type of information. Already written articles on the topic can be useful to you. You can take an idea from those articles on how to write your own essay. 

  1. Create An Outline

An outline is the most basic thing to do before starting to write your essay. Sometimes, an outline can take hours to finish, so it's better to complete it faster. Organize the outline in a structured manner and good format. Avoid repeating the same headings over and over. The most common outline of an essay is to have an introduction, two or three main body parts, and lastly, a conclusion or summary of the entire essay. 

  1. Start Writing

Follow the above guidelines to write a draft. Make sure to add all the important facts and information in it which you want to write about in the essay. Don't forget to cite the important information which you claim in your essay. An essay supported by reliable sources weighs way more than an uncited essay. Don't copy-paste content because it can cause you legal problems. Always use your own words to write an essay.

  1. Polished Details

Start polishing the specifics in your first draft once you've finished writing. It would be best to reread it to check for any errors that can jeopardize the overall quality. As you erase any discrepancies, add or remove unneeded sentences. It helps you a lot if you read it aloud.

  1. Go over everything again

It's an optional step, but it's crucial to your success. It can be not easy if you only have an hour to complete the essay and hence do not have enough time to perfect it as you like. You may improve your quality by correcting any typos and other errors.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 200 Words Essay?

Writing a 200 word essay is not a big deal; it's even less than a page. For a beginner, it should take 30-40 minutes. Usually, a paragraph contains 200 words, and it can also be an introduction or conclusion of an essay.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 500 Words Essay?

If you have been assigned to write a 500 word essay, it is a short and easy task. You can write 500 words in 1 hour duration time. A 500-word essay is frequently more difficult than you anticipated. Teachers assign subjects that involve critical thinking, reasoning, and order. There is no space for fluff in this type of paper. Each thought should be a cohesive element with an introduction and conclusion, and each sentence should be direct and to the point. The body should be able to move smoothly from one position to the next.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 2000 Words Essay?

The content becomes a project rather than a short piece at 2000 words. You have the ability to pay close attention to the topic matter. You can write a short book, a tale, a listicle, or a set of instructions in 2000 words. Writing 2000 words should take between 6 and 8 hours. That appears to be a very long period to concentrate on a single task. However, with practice and development, you should be able to complete the task in three to four hours.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 2500 Words Essay?

A 2500 word essay can be written in 7 hours. It can take up to 9 hours if the topic is difficult and requires analysis. Mostly university assignments, blog posts have 2500 words count. 

What's the Average Time to Write a 5000 Words Essay?

A 5000-word essay takes roughly 16 hours and 40 minutes to complete. The truth is that writing 5000 words is far more difficult than writing 1,000 words. This type of essay requires an approach that considers a variety of factors, including time, editing, plenty of room for errors, and the aim of meeting the word count. To write this much word count, many people prefer to use a professional essay editing provider to write and proofread their essays. This essay length allows you to delve deeply into several fields, respond to complex questions, and channel various thoughts. The average length of a dissertation essay or university assignment is 5000 words.

How Long It Takes to Write a 10,000-Word Essay?

It takes about 30 hours to write a 10,000 word essay. Even though it isn't quite as long as a thesis, this form of the essay requires a great deal of planning. Fact-checking, getting data, structuring the framework, collecting numbers from research, and brainstorming ways to get your message through might easily take more than 5 hours.

Writers must learn about each element of the report and become specialists in that area. A dissertation, a marketing plan for a customer, a review of a safety system or medical technology, and many other topics can all be written in a ten thousand word essay.


It takes time to write fast and well at the same time. For a beginner or student, it takes more time than usual. So, it's better to hire an online cheap essay writing service such as Dissertation Editing Pro UK.